Medjool date brand Natural Delights has announced the launch of new sustainable packaging made from 100 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic, a green packaging concept that will apply to all tub containers and roll into US stores this month.

“Our new green packaging for tub containers will help to keep 800 tonnes of plastic out of landfills and oceans, reducing water consumption by 34m gallons and eliminate 1,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions,” said David Baxter, brand manager of Natural Delights.

'In addition to our plastic packaging, we are converting most of our display materials to kraft material which is certified by the sustainable forestry initiative,' Baxter continued. 'This change increases the amount of recycled material used by 50 per cent and improves the recycle-ability of the box.”

Natural Delights has made 'significant investments' in converting its date packaging to the most sustainable option on the market for dates.

“We continue to invest in packaging sustainability in order to do what is best for our business, consumers, and the environment,' Baxter added.