Andrew Simpson Sun World

Andrew Simpson

Sun World Internationalhas announce the appointment of Andrew Simpson as executive vice-president for intellectual property (IP).

Simpson, formerly a partner with Sun World’s US-based IP law firm, has been involved in developing Sun World’s licensing business as well as its IP Portfolio for the past 35 years.

In his new role, Simpson will be responsible for further growing Sun World's patent and trademark portfolio while working closely with the broader Sun World team to assess risks, enforce rights and help negotiate solutions worldwide.

“Our licensee base has grown from a few growers in Spain and South Africa to approximately 1,600 licensees in most of the world’s fruit-producing regions,” said Sun World CEO David Marguleas, adding that Simpson’s role emphasised the growing importance of IP to the Company.

“The growth in Sun World’s IP and customer base and the increasing appeal of our varieties and brands worldwide requires us to remain keenly focused on and vigilant in protecting our investment and that of our licensees in proprietary fruit genetics, new varieties and the IP they comprise,' he added.