Arrigoni Biorete Air Plus

Arrigoni’s Biorete Air Plus insect screens

What new products have you introduced to the market?

Paolo Arrigoni: We are offering several new products for sustainable farming. For example, Biorete Air Plus is a range of insect screens with high-strength, low denier monofilaments for better ventilation with guaranteed crop protection.

Prisma is a line of protective screens that provide optimised light diffusion combined with temperature control, for high-tech greenhouses. The Robuxta range, designed for use on tensile structures, reflects infrared radiation for effective temperature control, with reductions of up to five degrees in the summer months, and increases in yield of as much as 70 per cent.

Last but not least, Protecta is a net with a very dense weave that prevents heavy rain from damaging crops while still allowing sufficient air to pass; it is ideal for crops at risk of fruit cracking.

How is the market for these products shaping up this year?

PA: 2022 got off to a very promising start for our group, and at present we are expecting improvements on the already very good results from last year, thanks also to new acquisitions.

What is this new acquisition?

PA: One of our group’s most recent developments has been the acquisition of Lirsa, a company founded in 1958 which produces polyethylene sheets for use in agriculture and industry.

The full interview will appear in Fresh Focus Italy 2022