Verona wholesale market

The group is based near Verona market

Based in Verona’s vegetable market in northern Italy, Bruno Elio is a wholesaler that has been active in the fresh produce sector since 2004. The company specialises in the export of Italian kiwifruit, table grapes and other products across Europe, but also increasingly beyond to destinations including the Middle East, India and the US.

Bruno Elio is directly involved in the production of Hayward kiwifruit in its region from November to March, while it also sources table grapes between July and December from south-ern Italy and Sicily, and apples from the north of the country.

According to the company’s Ciro Bruno, Bruno Elio’s primary objective at this year’s PMA is to meet new customers and potential suppliers in the US.

“It’s a very important market for us,” he explains. “We’d like to have one good partner in the US and it is also very important to us to find some suppliers and customers from South America and other countries visiting PMA.”