US California grapes white on vine

California’s table grape growers recently awarded scholarships to nine students in grape growing regions of the state. All recipients will be attending California universities or community colleges.

Six field worker scholarships were awarded: three for US$25,000 for four years of university study and three for US$14,500 for study at a combination of community college and university.

Recipients of the scholarship are allowed to study any field. Three agricultural scholarships were awarded as well, each for US$25,000 for four years of university study in an agriculturally related field.

California table grape growers have funded college scholarships through the California Table Grape Commission for 35 years. More than 160 students have received scholarships to attend college.

The 2020 scholarship recipients are Jared Bautista (UC Berkeley), Nerin Delgado (UCLA), Georgina Rodriguez Mendez (UCLA), Glarisa Perales and Diana Robledo (Bakersfield College), Rebecca Santoyo (Porterville College), Alissa Amaral, Dale Fransen and Amy Swall (Fresno State).