Hass Avocado Gen

Canary Island avocado producers have created a new association to boost their presence on the national and international market.

The Association of avocado Producer Organisations of the Canary Islands (Asguacan) consolidates the supply of all of the Producer Organisations on the islands, big and small, and is headquartered in La Palma.

Asguacan’s technical director, José Javier Oramas, said the organisation would oversee research to improve the islands’ avocado offer and carry out joint promotions overseas.

The most urgent priority, however, will be to obtain sector-wide insurance for the next campaign. “Right now insurance is expensive, bad and almost insolvent, and it is essential that the entire avocado sector is insured, and that no farmer be ruined again by something like strong winds,” Oramas said.

Asguacan’s managing director, Gabriela Pérez, noted that the sector faced inherent weaknesses and threats that it needs to address.

“We have to make people see the advantages of being in an OPFH, with group insurance and secure marketing,” she said.
The Canary Islands produce 8,000-9,000 tonnes of avocados a year, with output projected to double in the coming years as planted area increases.

In the longer term, the group hopes to obtain a Protected Geographical Indicator, which Oramas said would make the islands’ avocados more profitable.