Provid urges members to reflect the true situation of the current season

Peruvian table grape association Provid has warned its members not to make misleading claims about how the season is progressing, claiming it could harm the industry.

Manuel Yzaga Dibós of Provid

Manuel Yzaga Dibós of Provid

Manuel Yzaga Dibós, president of the board of directors of Provid, issued a statement calling on the industry to not falsely represent the season as having been one of growth when in reality it has been one where volumes are down.

Figures from Senasa show that to week 52 of the 2023/24 campaign table grape shipments from the north of Peru (Piura, Lambayeque, La Libertad and Ancash), which accounts for more than half of the country’s export volume, were 21 per cent lower than at the same point last season.

Yzaga said: “The table grape industry is facing a fall in production. Due to the high temperatures seen this season, harvesting was brought forward by around 20 days, which has given the false impression that volumes have grown, when the reality is that they are down.

“Climatic events like El Niño and cyclone Yaku, have directly affected productivity on farms, reducing yields. In areas where the season has already finished, we’re seeing falls of 30 per cent compared to last year.”

Yzaga concluded his statement by saying: “Our sector will remain firm and solid as strong as we are united and conveying the objective truth. Talking about growth when you’re just looking at a snapshot of the season is irresponsible and gives off mixed messages.

Let us remain strong, and continue to offer work opportunities in order to generate more development and wellbeing for the country”.