Del Monte Bananas French home compostable label

The French subsidiary of the Fresh Del Monte group is offering plastic-free and compostable labels on 100 per cent of its bananas sold in the country.

The fresh produce group said it was one of the actions being taken as it is looked to strengthen its commitment to sustainable development.

'In this way, Del Monte becomes one of the first major brands in France to offer this sustainable alternative to one of the favourite fruits of the French,' explained Eric Hellot, president and director of Del Monte France SAS.

The new labels are available on Cavendish, mini-bananas and plantains, from different origins including Costa Rica and Ecuador, and with different certifications (Sustainably grown SCS Global Services, Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance).

Del Monte's labels meet the French domestic composting standard NF T 51-800 and complies with the anti-waste law for a circular economy (AGEC, n° 2020-105 Article 80).

Certified 'OK compost HOME', the labels guarantee that their components – adhesive, material and inks – can be home composted and meet all EU food safety requirements.

'Although composting is nature's way of recycling natural waste, these labels should not be disposed of in nature, but in an environment intended for this purpose,' Del Monte outlined.

'In a compost bin, the right mix of dry materials (or brown waste such as twigs, paper, etc.) and wet materials (or green waste such as cut grass, fruit pits, etc.) will ensure the transformation into useful material. If you do not have a composter, the trash can or the sorting bin will do the trick.'

Del Monte said that the new labels were the 'logical continuation' of its global policy, of contributing positively to the agricultural industry, to the health and well-being of communities and to the environment.