Dole Star Cool container truck MCI

Maersk Container Industry (MCI) has revealed that it has entered into an agreement to deliver five-hundred new Star Cool units to Dole Food Company in January 2021.

According to Dole, its focus on delivering the highest quality fruit while reducing their carbon footprint globally factored into its choice of Star Cool.

As an original engineering feature, Star Cool units can control the speed of the reefer compressor to match the specific cooling demands of the cargo, and therefore 'perform at the highest level of both precision and energy efficiency'.

Star Cool’s automatic ventilation system (AV+) allows the units to control fresh air intake by a preselected maximum level of CO2 inside the reefer. This fresh air control mode further reduces energy consumption and related carbon footprint.

Regulating the amount of ambient air entering the container reduces the need to cool down warm air and reduces the risk of ingress of harmful external gasses, and Dole noted that upgrading to these units allows greater control over the product during shipping.

“Dole is dedicated to supplying the market with the finest, high-quality products,” says Dole's Ana Anchia, regional equipment manager. “The delivery of these new Star Cool units will enhance our cold chain efficiency and allow us to deliver on our promise to our customers.”

Dole will pick up the new reefers with their own vessel newbuilding Dole Maya at Qingdao, China.

“Dole prioritises quality and innovation in all aspects of their business,” noted MCI's global head of sales and marketing, Anders Holm. “These are also values important to MCI and we are very pleased about Dole confirming their trust in MCI by expanding their operated Star Cool fleet once again.”