Florida Citrus Growers

Florida Classic Growers (FCG) has teamed up with three of the state’s leading companies to boost its citrus volume and beef up its product range.

The company said its new partnership with Riverfront Packing Company, The Packers of Indian River and Quality Fruit Packers would enable it to expand product offerings and increase distribution of fruit under its Florida Classic label.

Riverfront and its marketing arm, Scott Marketing, will continue handling all sales in the international market through its president and CEO, Dan Richey.

FCG is the marketing arm of Dundee Citrus Growers Association, which supplies retail, wholesale and foodservice companies throughout the US and Canada. The company’s citrus offering includes oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, kumquats and pomelos.

FCG will continue to expand its Florida blueberry, peach and import citrus programmes.

“These are very exciting times for Florida Classic Growers,” said the company’s president, Al Finch. “The additional volume will allow us to offer more robust programmes and enhance our vision of being a one-stop shop for our customers.”

Richey said the new partnership would benefit all the parties involved. “Several years ago the Riverfront, Packers and Quality teams recognised that the pace of change in the citrus industry would be best met through collaboration and joining of teams with a similar vision, ethics and optimistic energy,” he said.

“We have joined forces and worked together to reach mutually beneficial results. The new relationship with Dundee/Florida Classic is another example of this as two entities of like mind ethics and vision have joined forces to create a synergistic strategy that is mutually beneficial.

“There is excitement, optimism, and an absolute commitment to the future amongst this combined group. We are proud to be strategically aligned with such an innovative team at Dundee/Florida Classic and look forward to a long relationship.”

Steven B. Callaham, CEO of Dundee Citrus Growers Association, added: “We are honoured to have the opportunity to build a strategic partnership with three well respected, multi-generational citrus organisations.

“Riverfront, Packers and Quality’s commitment to current and future large-scale plantings, combined with Dundee CGA’s aggressive Citrus Under Protective Screen expansion plan, will provide FCG with a sustainable, high quality fruit supply for years to come.”