Morocco tomatoes

Spanish fresh produce imports for the January-September period were drawn almost equally from EU and non-EU countries, according to data from the Department of Customs and Excise.

Some 50.3 per cent of fruit and vegetable imports came from EU countries, a volume of 1.18m tonnes, with 49.7 per cent, or 1.16m tonnes, from third countries.

In terms of supplier countries, France topped the list with 565,154 tonnes sent to Spain, a 13 per cent drop year-on-year, although value rose 21 per cent to €243m.

Morocco was the second-largest exporter to the Spanish market through the nine-month period, sending 337,514 tonnes of produce, up 5 per cent, with value rising 1 per cent to €513m.

'Although the import data reflects a global decline in community origin for the Spanish import market, the main EU suppliers, especially France, still have a strong presence,' noted Spanish organisation Fepex.

'As for third counties, Morocco is consolidated as the main competitor of the Spanish sector, with a very negative impact on prices at origin and destinaton.'