French retailers Intermarché, Auchan and Carrefour are facilitating access to their digital platforms and pick-up points for small independent retailers affected by the new lockdown in a bid to compete with online giant Amazon, according to a report from Retail Detail.

While Intermarché and Auchan have announced initiatives to support independent bookstores, clothes stores and toy stores by opening up their e-commerce sites and pick-up points to such shops, Carrefour’s strategy also involves support for independent food stores.

According to Linéaires, Carrefour is offering free access to its marketplace and an 'accelerated digitisation solution with the support of its partner Mirakl'.

That such initiatives are designed to counter the growing dominance of online giant Amazon was made explicit in newspaper ads last week by Intermarché: “Sorry Amazon,” the ad read. “From Monday, all those who, like us, wish to support local commerce will once again be able to buy their books from their bookseller.”

Carrefour last week stressed the importance of its long-term partnerships with growers in a public call to French fruit and vegetable producers not yet selling through the retailer.

'Through its Quality Channels, Carrefour has been weaving partnerships with French producers for nearly 30 years to guarantee them a level of price and volume over several years in return for their commitment to provide fresh, tasty products that are good for health and the environment,' it stated. 'Today, Carrefour is proud to already have more than 18,000 long-term partners, to the delight of our customers, who can be sure that they will find something good to eat in our stores. But France's agriculture is full of talent and that's why Carrefour is today appealing to all fruit and vegetable producers who have not yet joined our shelves.'