In the latest edition of Fruitbox, host Chris White speaks to me and to my colleague Maura Maxwell, Fruitnet’s Latin America and Spain editor, about the ongoing challenges faced by the European fresh fruit and veg business as a result of the Covid crisis.

You may recall that we were the first ever guests on episode one of Fruitbox, which we launched as a new format just as Europe was coming to terms with the full implications of the pandemic.

Having reported back then on some startling new trends emerging in the retail and foodservice markets, this time we look forward and consider the longer-term implications for fresh produce suppliers and marketers as a result of things such as online ordering, home delivery, meal kits and box schemes, and the continued depression in out-of-home eating.

We also give our take on what the changing market dynamics will mean further down the line for key fruit and veg suppliers across Europe. Demand has been high over the past six months but there are indications that the inevitable global recession is already beginning to bite, with worrying signs of less commercial breathing space for things like new product development, consumer engagement and value-added items at the top end of the market.

Oh, and then of course there’s Brexit…

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