Fujitsu LED lighting

Japan’s Fujitsu has established a new company in Finland to operate a new plant factory equipped with artificial LED lighting and fully automated production to grow vegetables year-round.

Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland, jointly financed by Finland’s Robbe’s Little Garden and Fujitsu, will begin full-scale production in the first half of the 2017 financial year at the new plant factory.

“Fujitsu and Robbe's Little Garden aim to grow and deliver a steady, year-round supply of vegetables, such as baby greens and leaf lettuce, in Finland, which has few hours of sunlight during its harsh winter,” Fujitsu said in a company statement released 28 November. “Fujitsu also aims to package the know-how and cloud services resulting from this business and deploy them throughout the European Union.”

The greenhouse will use Fujitsu’s agriculture cloud service, called ‘Akisai’, which uses sensor information collection to control equipment, as well as artificial LED lighting and rotating multi-tiered growing trays for efficient plant growth.