Chilean grapes

The latest estimate released by Asoex points to a larger fall in Chilean table grape exports than originally forecast following January’s heavy rains.

On Friday, Asoex’s third forecast suggests that the export crop will be 12 per cent lower than in the 2019/20 season at 64.58m cartons (8.2kg).

This is a further fall of 3 per cent on the previous forecast and 22 per cent down on the original estimate for 2020/21 of 82.31m cartons.

“We have been working hard to have a better evaluation of our table grape exports, especially after the weather system that brought a high level of rainfall and, in some cases, hailstorms, in some producing areas,” Asoex president Ronald Bown said.

“This is the best estimate that can be made to date. We hope that, as time passes, this projection will not fall further.”

The most recent estimate corresponds to information provided by 38 companies, which together represent 59 per cent of the volume exported last season.

Regarding varieties, Bown noted that the biggest losses are white varieties. A total export crop of 14.21m cartons is expected for green grapes; 5.66m for black grapes, 28.50m cartons for red grapes, and 16.22m cartons for Red Globe.