California asparagus Giumarra

Giumarra has announced the addition of California asparagus to its 52-week asparagus programme.

The new volume is offered in partnership with Stockton, California-based grower and shipper Greg Paul Produce Sales, the sole commercial marketer of California-grown asparagus.

“We are pleased to round out our robust asparagus programme with exceptional California product during a time when consumers continue to seek quality and value from their food purchases,” said Bruce Dowhan, senior vice-president of the Giumarra Companies. “Greg Paul Produce, a multigenerational family company with a like-minded service philosophy, represented a natural partner for us.”

The asparagus will be available from mid-March through mid-May, Giumarra said, offering 'a premium flavour profile due to a combination of ideal climate and growing conditions, including soil high in organic matter'.

James Paul, vice-president of Greg Paul Produce, noted that California-grown asparagus was highly sought after by chefs due to its renowned quality.

“The Greg Paul Produce team is proud to represent California asparagus growers and work with the Giumarra Companies to offer customers a high-quality product during the demand-heavy spring season,” said Paul.

In addition to California-grown asparagus, the Giumarra Companies offers asparagus grown in Mexico and Peru to provide year-round availability.