Marquis Macadamias

South Africa’s largest macadamia processor, Global Macadamias, has joined forces with Australian-based Marquis group of companies, rebranding to Marquis Macadamias (Africa).

Marquis is the world’s largest processor and marketer of macadamias, and the alignment of Global Macadamias under the one brand will serve to strengthen the industry.

This alignment follows the announcement of Marquis expanding it's Australian production in Queensland by 25 per cent.

Macadamias have experienced unprecedented growth in the last 10 years with demand continuously exceeding limited supply.

However, according to Marquis, the industry is currently experiencing a shift with hectares of macadamia nuts planted set to double in supply within the next four to five years.

Global macadamia supply currently sits at around 200,000 tonnes, with that figure set to double to 400,000 tonnes, followed by a further predicted increase to 600,000 tonnes shortly thereafter.

“In an industry where supply volumes are rapidly accelerating, a cohesive undertaking is needed to create industry stability by continually increasing demand, said Roelof van Rooyen, director of Marquis Macadamias (Africa).

“This can’t happen on the farm level or in South Africa alone, but rather needs to be driven at the marketing and sales level to encourage customers globally to utilise macadamia products in their long-term product lines and markets,” added van Rooyen.

According to Marquis, industry supply is high, however consistency in product is not. “This new partnership connecting the biggest macadamia producing regions via the Marquis group provides customers access to increased volumes for premium, consistent quality products and strengthened security of supply,” the company said in a press release.

“Through Marquis, we are able to pool supply from multiple origins of South Africa, Kenya and Australia, ensuring the high quality and consistency that will create market confidence,” explained van Rooyen.

“It is crucial these volumes are managed well and marketed ahead of the trend or we could face a situation in later years where nuts are being dumped on the market without demand.

“If this happens, the whole industry will stand to lose a lot of ground that has been made, taking with it all of the prosperity macadamias bring to the growing regions and South Africa’s balance of trade.”

Van Rooyen said market diversification of product use is key to a sustainable and profitable macadamia industry.

As such, Marquis will continue exploring new ways for macadamias to be incorporated into products through value adding and as an ingredient in popular snacks, desserts and even cosmetics.

“To hold product developers’ interest and meet the demands of the large retailers, we need to be able to deliver the correct value add capabilities and volumes as promised,” he said.

“Marquis’ combined supply and processing capabilities prepare us to continue securing the large contracts needed with key retailers, thereby having a significant impact on the overall industry.

“With the Marquis’ vision and combined offerings, we are in a prime position to negotiate a stable, profitable way forward for the macadamia industry,” concluded van Rooyen.