The company is one of the first to market with Jalisco avocados since they were greenlighted for US

Greenyard USA/SealdSweet has added Hass avocados from Jalisco to its expanding offer, becoming one of the first US companies to import avocados grown in the Mexican state.

Las Tarcascas Jalisco avos

Las Tarcascas is a family-owned company with 800ha

“In a matter of weeks, we will be starting our exclusive marketing agreement which will expand our avocado line, and we are extremely pleased to be working with one of the outstanding family-owned farms in Jalisco, Las Tarcascas,” said Carlos Sotomayor, commodity manager for avocados.

“We will be servicing our key retail partners with product imported through McAllen, Texas, where we will also have the option of private labelling, custom packs and ripening.”

The Chacon family has been growing fresh fruit and vegetables for over 20 years over 800ha.

“Our second-generation family farm produces some of the best quality avocados in the country, and we have found the company that matches our family spirit, which is at the core of our company culture, to bring our fresh products to the US market,” said Genaro Chacon, general manager of Las Tarascas.

“We have a new venture with a local, GFSI compliant packing facility, which will be a cornerstone of our programme.”

Meanwhile, Greenyard said it set to announce a new sustainable packaging initiative as it moves to using 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025.

“We all need to have a focus on our planet, and all new partnerships will be engaging in packaging that meets our goals for sustainability,” said marketing coordinator Helena Fernandez Irastorza.

Mayda Sotomayor, president, and CEO of GreenyardUSA/SealdSweet, commented: “Jalisco is an exciting emerging market for us, and we have found the right partnership to tap into this rich agriculture area.

“This state has already been involved with worldwide trade of avocados for many years, and we look forward to being the first to bring these products to the American consumer.”