The Greenery Hagé Fresh Tapas pineapple

Leading Dutch importer Hagé International, part of The Greenery group, has revealed it is looking to expand its pineapple sourcing network to Brazil, Honduras and Ghana.

Hagé currently handles imported pineapples from mainly Panama, Costa Rica and the Ivory Coast under the Capa and Pacific Sweet brands, among others.

Meanwhile, the company says it will increase the volume of pineapples it imports from Panama during the next few weeks as supplies from Costa Rica begin to tail off.

Speaking in the August issue of Eurofruit Magazine, the company's Jan Klingeman said there had been a noticeable downturn in the volume of product available from Costa Rica, in contrast with levels seen in June and July.

“Due to strong supplies from Costa Rica during the last couple of months, we had to slow down our sourcing programme with Panama,” Mr Klingeman explained. “Now Costa Rica’s volumes are falling rapidly, so we are increasing our supplies from Panama. Overall volumes imported may dip in August, but if the weather is good there should be no quality problems.”