Spanish stonefruit

Hazel Technologies has announced the launch of the first ever virtual Stone Fruit Quality Summit, as a prelude to the upcoming North American stonefruit campaign.

The one-hour event will be held on Friday 26 February, featuring keynote speakers from across the stonefruit industry.

Speakers will include Angelos Deltsidis, assistant professor of postharvest physiology at the University of Georgia, Bill Purewal, PureFresh sales owner and sales manager, and Mario Cervantes, senior business development manager at Hazel Technologies.

Speeches will highlight the latest research on fresh stonefruit postharvest quality, including maintaining colour and firmness in different varieties, preventing shrivel, and ensuring optimum quality during long-distance transit.

In addition, speakers will discuss technology for stonefruit that has been tested by UC Davis on peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots.

“I am committed to finding new postharvest solutions for crops with challenging shelf life,” commented Deltsidis. “I look forward to sharing stonefruit research results and case studies around proven advancements in shelf-life technology.”

“Hazel Tech has dedicated extensive research to understand the unique postharvest and supply chain challenges in stonefruit,' Cervantes noted. 'We are thrilled to offer a technology that can help growers, shippers and retailers provide top-quality fruit to the market.'