Peruvian avocados

Peruvian avocado exports reached a record high this year, but the increased volume, together with weaker demand due to Covid-19, exerted a downward pressure on prices.

According to Peruvian consultancy Fresh Fruit, shipments to the end of August totalled 386,858 tonnes, an increase of 24 per cent compared with the same period of 2019, and higher than the 350,199 tonnes exported in 2018.

But prices were well below last year’s level. Figures from Agrodata show that average prices this season reached US$1.85/kg, down 23 per cent on the US$2.40/kg seen last year.

“Peru shipped more fruit than usual, expecting demand to respond and grow at the same rate. However, the pandemic caused a decrease in income and a contraction in consumption, affecting the price of the fruit,” Fresh Fruit noted.

“Europe, the main importer of Peruvian avocado, was one of the most affected by the excess volume, with prices here falling to US$1.78/kg.”