IFCO pallet with produce

The advisory committee of reusable plastic container (RPC) specialist Ifco Group has announced today that, as part of a long-planned succession process, Wolfgang Orgeldinger will retire as CEO of IFCO Group in July this year.

Ifco said that Michael Pooley had been appointed as the new chief executive of the group, and will take over the responsibilities as CEO on 1 July.

Having joined in 2000, Wolfgang Orgeldinger has helped successfully shape Ifco over the last 20 years, first as COO and since 2013 as CEO.

“We would like to thank Wolfgang for his outstanding commitment and contribution to Ifco’s success and for his great support over the last 12 months following the ownership transition,' said Stephan Förschle, on behalf of the advisory committee. 'Wolfgang has led the development of Ifco over the last 20 years into the leading global Reusable Plastic Crates (RPC) solution provider.

'We are very grateful that he will continue to support Ifco and our customers as a member of the advisory committee going forward.

“In close collaboration with Wolfgang, we have identified Michael through an extensive search process,' he outlined. 'We are confident that Michael will successfully continue Ifco’s strategy and foster the company’s profitable growth with innovative products, digital solutions and best-in-class services with an obsession to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.'

Orgeldinger said: “Since I have joined Ifco in December 2000, we have grown the company from a small niche player generating €200m revenues to a global leader in the RPC pooling industry with revenues of more than €bn. The Ifco team has successfully entered new markets, steadily grown our client base, built-out our product and service offering, and improved our operations. This has led to strong, consistent growth even throughout challenging economic cycles.

'Within the last year, we have successfully managed the ownership transition and with knowing the Ifco Group is in good hands, it is the right moment for me to retire as CEO,' he added. 'I am excited to further support the company in my new role as board member and am looking forward to seeing Michael Pooley and the whole team shaping the next chapter in Ifco’s long-lasting success story.”