Tango Tang Gold

Italy’s production of Tang Gold mandarins is forecast to reach almost 3,000 tonnes this season. Volumes are projected to grow significantly in the coming years as young plantings mature.

For the first time this year, Eurosemillas, which holds the licensing rights to the variety, has integrated Italian production into its certification scheme to prevent fraud.

“This verification programme, run by Cyberagrópolis, is probably the most advanced and complete in the citrus market and guarantees the correct labeling of the variety as well as the legal origin of the fruit,” the company said.

The control programme uses molecular markers to identify the variety from samples taken at different stages of the supply chain to prevent counterfeiting.

The Tango Fruit brand is marketed exclusively in Italy by Spreafico, which has plantings in Reggio Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia, Campania and Sardinia.

Other producers that have signed up to the scheme are Orchidea Frutta, Apofruit, Linbo, Moderna, OP Armonia, Ortofrutticola Gallo Di Gallo Natale. Agricor, Soc. Coop Agricola and the Associacione Agricultori Villacidresi.