Jaguar Egyptian oranges

In the Netherlands, Jaguar the Fresh Company has announced that it has secured what it has described as a 'substantial and exclusive' supply of Egyptian oranges for the 2019/2020 season.

Loadings commenced in week 50 to various destinations in Asia, Africa and Europe and, in addition to the Netherlands, Jaguar is shipping its citrus directly from Egypt to more than ten countries.

Kees Rijnhout, CEO of the Jaguar Group, said that his company had a long history of supplying Egyptian oranges to the group's extensive retail and wholesale client base.

'This season however will see us finally embarking on a complete 12 month cycle of supplying Fairtrade certified oranges,' he explained. 'We are able to do this by combining our Egyptian supplies with our established South African Fairtrade programmes.

'In addition, we are extending our product offering with a ‘Clean Citrus’ option in which all post-harvest treatment is done only with natural wax,' Rijnhout added. 'This gives our oranges a beautiful appearance, and it comes with a guarantee that the product is free from any of the traditional chemicals that have been used for decades. In an increasing number of countries these chemicals have been banned, and we are proud to be one of the first movers in this regard.'

Jaguar's technical team was intensively involved in the Fairtrade certification processes in Egypt, an extension of the company's approach of ‘total collaboration’ in dealing with its global grower base.