During the federation’s annual assembly he highlighted the numerous challenges facing the sector

Jorge Valenzuela has been re-elected as the president of Chilean fruit producer federation Fedefruta. Four new members were elected to the Board during Fedefruta’s annual assembly: Sergio Ruiz-Tagle, a grower-exporter from the Copiapó Valley in Chile’s Atacama region; Juan Enrique Prohens, representative of the fruit growers of the Coquimbo Region; Álvaro Gatica, a blueberry grower and union leader from Ñuble; and Ricardo Vial, from the O’Higgins fruit region.

Fedefruta board

Jorge Valenzuela, third from left, with Esteban Valenzuela, third from right and the Fedefruta board

Reviewing the major milestones of his 2022 term, Valenzuela highlighted his role in drawing attention to the effects of the logistical convulsion, rising costs, the lack of financing facing many small and medium-sized producers, and their participation in contingencies such as the truckers’ strike.

“We must be ready on several fronts at this minute,” said Valenzuela. “One important one is to prepare for the application of the Systems Approach protocols for table grapes from Atacama Coquimbo and Valparaíso.

“That is why we are reinforcing our board with directors who produce fruit in Copiapó and Coquimbo, with experience and the ability to share their knowledge with the rest of the productive areas.”

Valenzuela said he expected the final regulations to be published imminently.

During the meeting, Valenzuela invited agriculture minister Esteban Valenzuela thanked the Fedefruta president and welcomed the new board members.

“It is wonderful to see more young farmers in the new board of directors,” he said. “We heard the concern for water security, we heard about the stronger action we have to take, collaboratively, to tackle fruit fly, as well as to make progress on the issue of securing medium and long-term loans that allow the renovation of orchards so that Chile can continue to be a leader in fruit exports.”