Andres Ribalta Oppy

Ray Reed

Oppy has announced the promotion of Ray Reed and Andres Ribalta, as the group continues to expand its supply and international reach, in line with its strategic growth journey.

“Oppy’s plans for the coming years target growth in local and international markets, and the latest promotions of Ray Reed and Andres Ribalta, proven company veterans who bring unrivaled experience, expertise and vision, will enable us to accomplish just that,” said Oppy’s executive vice-president and chief operating officer Doug Grant. “As Oppy continues to grow and strengthen its fundamental focus, it becomes imperative to ensure that the right people are in the right places within the organisation.”

Effective 1 October, Reed, who has served as Oppy’s general manager for Chile since the mid-2000s, will focus on expanding and strengthening sources of supply in his new position as director of global procurement, based in Oppy’s California offices.

Reed will take on a leadership role in the function of securing new partners, as well as maintaining and nurturing relations with Oppy’s extensive supply base.

Oppy said that his new role was 'collaborative at its core', and would involve working closely with Oppy’s grower relations teams in the US, Mexico, Chile, Peru and other partners in global markets.

Ribalta, formerly head of Oppy categories in Chile, will fill Reed’s previous position as the new general manager of its Chilean office, reporting to vice-president of South American operations Eric Coty.

His two principal responsibilities include procuring fresh produce for sale in North America, as well as overseeing Oppy’s Chilean export business, which currently supplies markets around the world including Asia, Europe, North and South America.

“With extensive knowledge of Oppy’s Chilean-based business and of our grower relations team, Andres, who joined Oppy in 2011, is the ideal candidate to succeed Ray,” said Coty. “We look forward to the enthusiasm that Andres will bring to this role, and the added momentum he will bring to the team as a whole.”