Group announces an update on its 2022 season that will include fruit from Chile, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, and Uruguay

US-based importer LGS Specialty Sales has offered an update on its 2022 summer citrus season that will include fruit from Chile, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, and Uruguay.

Foto: Argentinisches Konsulat

Argentinean oranges

Image: Argentinisches Konsulat

“The summer citrus season is an exciting time at LGS,” said Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS Specialty Sales. “We are thankful for the growing partners that supply us with summer fruit from the finest growing regions known for having ideal climate and soil conditions.”

LGS said that for lemons, the Argentinian season will begin mid-May and then slowly transition to Chile later in summer.

On Navels, the Chilean season is anticipated to run from July through early November with a combination of Chilean and South African fruit. 

In the easy-peeler category, early clementine supply will begin with Peruvian, Chilean and South African fruit before transitioning to Tangos and W. Murcotts come mid-to-late July.

Strong, early clementine varieties will be limited, while LGS is expecting volumes of Tangos and W. Murcotts to increase, with promotable volumes August through November.

Finally, both Cara Caras & Minneolas will continue to complement the citrus category during their late July through early October window. Cara Cara production continues to increase, LGS said, especially out of Chile.

The summer citrus season comes with challenges, the group noted, as the world continues to work through logistic shortages.

“Just as most of the produce industry has experienced over the past year, we all expect a challenging summer season with the increase in costs and logistical hurdles we will all need to overcome,” said Sears.

“Our intention will continue to be to provide the best fruit possible to our customers as we continue to try and promote consumption among consumers.”