Harold Edwards

Harold Edwards, president and chief executive of Limoneira

Two of California’s leading citrus companies have come together to sell their fruit under the One World of Citrus Alliance.

Limoneira signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Wileman Bros & Elliott on Wednesday (22 September) to establish the joint venture.

The deal will see Limoneira’s oranges and specialty citrus – including grapefruit and pummelos – packed and shipped by Wileman Bros & Elliott.

Both entities will maintain and expand their current brands and packaging, however, sales representatives from both companies will be responsible for the entire combined citrus portfolio from all growing regions, including imports.

The alliance’s ‘One Service’ programme will provide a single invoice to the customer, in order to simplify the transaction.

“We are very pleased to be teaming up with Limoneira in this new venture,” said Brian Johnson, chief executive of Wileman Bros & Elliott. “Combining our volumes, service and expertise with Limoneira’s, under the One World of Citrus programme, will enable us to focus on grower returns while providing an outstanding service level and value to our customers.”

Harold Edwards, president and chief executive of Limoneira, said his company was excited to join with Wileman Bros & Elliott to expand its offer under the One World of Citrus programme.

“By having all of efforts together under the One World of Citrus we truly are growing our One World, One Team, One Service model,” said Edwards.

Limoneira is a diversified citrus growing, packing, selling and marketing company with related agribusiness activities and real estate development operations. It has citrus growing operations worldwise, with large holdings of lemons, oranges and specialty citrus crops in California.

Wileman Bros & Elliott is a 95-year-old citrus business located in California’s Central Valley. It is both a large grower and independent shipper of California citrus with a focus on oranges, mandarins and specialty citrus.