Safmarine containers

Maersk has confirmed the full integration of Safmarine and Damco into the wider Maersk brand, a move that was first announced in September last year.

The logistics giant said that it would offer its Safmarine customers broader access to its full portfolio of products and services at a global scale, ensuring all needs would be met by one united team.

For its Damco customers, Maersk noted that it was 'proud to offer access to an end-to-end offering from Maersk', ensuring connectivity and a simplified experience for customers across the supply chain.

The group confirmed that Hamburg Süd and Aliança would remain independent brands with differentiated service models, while Maersk simplified its back office organisational structure and processes to enable faster and more effective decision-making.

'Hamburg Süd’s and Aliança’s sales and customer service organisations will not change, and will remain your trusted, by-your-side and can-do partners,' Maersk said.

Sealand will remain as a separate brand under AP Moller-Maersk, the group added.

'As always, we are committed to bringing our collective expertise to you,' Maersk stated. 'Sharing best practices and capabilities as a united team will allow us to continue to develop products and services designed to help you stay ahead and in control.

US issues

Meanwhile, Maersk has revealed that it is stepping in to address what it has described as 'US export and trucker logistics issues'.

'In response to surging US imports and the resulting intermodal equipment flow imbalances, all members of the logistics sector have been challenged to find solutions,' the company explained.

Maersk senior officials have, the group outlined, stated that this is a situation the company takes 'very seriously', with every component of Maersk’s integrated global logistics business model working across the entire logistics spectrum to respond with solutions involving all supply chain participants.

The group said it was taking steps to address the concerns of the US export community and the trucking industry feeling the impact.

'Maersk is working with the FMC chairman and commissioners, the Agriculture Transportation Coalition (AgTC) and trucking associations like the HTA on the US West Coast, and the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers on the US East Coast to find new and better ways to serve their needs,' said CEO Soren Skou. 'As the global integrator of container logistics, we are confident we can find workable solutions that will alleviate supply chain pain points.'