Agricola Andrea

Migiva Group, owner of Peruvian grower-exporter Agricola Andrea, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hazel Technologies to trial its post-harvest application for table grapes.

Hazel for grape sachets release active, shelf-life enhancing vapors to slow food wastage during transit and storage.

The product has been shown to favour the post-harvest quality and condition of table grapes, thereby prolonging shelf-life, reducing dehydration and improving the fruit’s visual appearance.

Following positive trials last season, the product is now being trialled commercially on exports of Agricola Andrea’s table grapes to Asia, Europe, the US and Canada, among other destinations.

Eduardo Mazzini, Migiva’s commercial director, said: “In this business, and especially for the high-end markets that we serve, nothing is more important than the perfection of the fruit and its eating experience.

“If proven to be successful on a commercial scale, Hazel for grapes could be very significant for us and our industry.”

Mazzini said trials showed fruit keeps fresher for longer, with greener looking stems – a known indicator of freshness in grapes.

Martin Roeder, Latin America sales manager at Hazel Technologies, commented: “Our growth in Peru has been fantastic in our first year of commercial operation.

“Our ultimate goal is to allow our customers to provide the highest quality fruit, decrease food waste, and increase sales. For post-harvest protection in grapes, there is no solution simpler than Hazel.”

Agricola Andrea is the leading IFG (International Fruit Genetics) grape variety grower in the Southern Hemisphere, serving leading retailers worldwide.

Migiva said it could extend its partnership with Hazel Tech to other products in the future.