Sila Louw Oppy

Sila Louw

Oppy has announced that it has hired Sila Louw in South Africa as part of its international team, as it looks to 'put down roots on a new continent' and continue to strategically bolster its international presence.

Louw, who is based in Cape Town, brings to his grower relations position with Oppy over ten years of experience in fresh produce in South Africa.

Oppy said that Louw also brings to the table 'deep local knowledge' of various key categories including grapes, avocados and citrus, in addition to tried and tested expertise in growing international operations.

His position with Oppy will focus on cultivating strong and long lasting relationships with growers across a broad spectrum, the group outlined.

“As Oppy continues to expand its on-the-ground presence in key growing regions around the world, we are excited that Sila’s appointment will help solidify our reach in South Africa, where we already have a well-established history with key partners,” said Oppy’s senior vice-president of categories and marketing James Milne said. “Sila’s invaluable local knowledge and expertise will add to the considerable value proposition that Oppy offers its customers.”

Oppy currently markets grapes and citrus from South Africa, with strategic plans for growth within these categories as well as others such as kiwifruit, apples and avocados.

“I’m incredibly excited to join Oppy because as an organisation, they are incredibly passionate and caring about their products, their partners and customers,” Louw said. “Oppy actually reflects and lives its values on a daily basis, encapsulated by the expect the world from us promise.

'It’s because of this approach that Oppy has become synonymous with strong relationships and good communication, as well as respect and trust across our industry.”