Port Everglades

In the US, Broward County’s Port Everglades is advancing US$1.6bn in infrastructure improvements that are underway and expected to be completed in the next five years.

“The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly impacting this year’s bottom line, but we are fortunate that Port Everglades’ diversified business sectors of cargo, cruise and petroleum can address a dip in one business sector and be balanced out with stability in other revenue-generating business sectors,' said Port Everglades’ Glenn Wiltshire, acting chief executive and port director. 'As a result, Port Everglades has a history of financial success and has budgeted for several sizeable construction projects that are moving forward at a rapid pace with little disruption from the virus.”

The upgrades include a US$471m berth expansion, the largest infrastructure project in the Port’s history.

The Southport Turning Notch Extension will add new cargo berths by lengthening the Port’s existing turn-around area from 900ft to 2,400ft, and part of this effort includes installing crane rail infrastructure for new Super Post-Panamax container gantry cranes.

Another aspect of the improvents is the development of a new logistics centre, which is being constructed at the Port through a public-private partnership with CenterPoint Properties.

The Port Everglades International Logistics Center, constructed on 16.657 acres of Port property, will be divided into two buildings with the southernmost building scheduled to be completed by June 2020, and the northernmost building slated for September 2020.

The project will contain warehouse, refrigerated warehouse, office space, and cross-docking facilities, which will enhance the services available to shippers using Port Everglades, while a portion of the logistics center will be activated as a Foreign-Trade Zone.