San Joaquin valley grapes

The California Table Grape Commission (CTGC) has teamed up with the Radio Health Journal network to highlight the health benefits associated with grape consumption.

Over 10 segments on grapes will air on the Radio Health Journal network this year, which broadcasts to more than 1,400 stations across the US.

Dietitian and CTGC health advisor, Courtney Romano, started the conversation earlier this week, talking to Radio Health Journal hosts about a variety of health topics.

“Boosting immune health has emerged as an important area of interest for people around the world,” said Romano. “Grapes, which are being harvested now in California, can be an important addition to an immune-boosting diet. Sharing this information seems important at this particular time.”

In upcoming segments, Romano will discuss the way grapes can contribute to heart, brain, and colon health, as well as tips for maintaining a healthy weight and managing food intake for festive occasions.