Regalin peach

French fruit breeder Agro Selections Fruits has formed a partnership with three Australian companies, WA Farm Direct, Antico International and the N&A Group, for the production of Regal’in peach, nectarine and cherry varieties in Australia.

Varieties include red-fleshed nectarines, white and red cherries and flat nectarines and peaches, which are expected to become available to Australian consumers in 2021.

“We are looking forward to offering our grower group the chance to grow something that’s really different and diversify out of the standard peach and nectarine offer which has become overly commoditised,” said Rob Cathels of Sydney-based N&A Group. “It’s great to give Australian consumers a new taste offer too, so it’s one of the rare win-wins that we search for.”

The partnership will also open up a valuable path to the Asian market for Australian companies, since Regal’in has already developed into a well known and highly desired brand in the region.