Shaun Swart

Salix Fruits has appointed Shaun Swart as country manager for South Africa. He will oversee growth and development in the region, which is a major supply source for the company.

He will also be in charge of the commercial team in managing a strategy to strengthen the position of the company within South Africa.

Swart previously worked in sourcing at Spinneys Dubai, purchasing at Woolworths Holdings and fresh food’s markets at Geant Saudi.

'Shaun is the right professional to join our team at this moment,' said CEO Alejandro Moralejo.

'We are in the process of growing and market positioning in the region and this incorporation allows us to continue working towards our objective, which is to expand our market in South Africa ”.

The company has had its own South African procurement office since 2014, witnessing the large increase in lemon and mandarin plantations in the territory that has contributed to the success of the South African citrus industry in recent years.

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