Alejandro Moralejo Salix Fruits

Salix Fruits CEO Alejandro Moralejo

Salix Fruits has opened a new office in Valencia as it looks to source more Spanish fruit to supply its global customers.

The company now has a presence in eight locations worldwide, allowing it to be closer to its suppliers and customers.

Martín Pedraza, a specialist in foreign trade, will lead the Spanish team. Salix Fruits said his experience in product development for the Argentine and Chilean citrus industry makes him the ideal person to expand the business and develop long-term relationships with growers in Europe, Morocco, and Egypt.

“We are happy to continue growing in this pandemic context that does not seem to end,” said CEO Alejandro Moralejo.

“Developing this region to supply the global markets we serve, is a long-awaited wish that we are fulfilling today, and adding a professional like Martín Pedraza to this new office is

the push we needed to achieve the challenge of turning Spain into one of the most important countries of origin for our company.”

According to Salix partner and CFO, Daniel Calvo, the company currently sources 2,500 container of Spanish fruit every year and expects to add another 300 containers over the next three years.