SanLucar coronavirus

The SanLucar group and its closest partners, Fresaflor, Llusar and Poveda, are distributing free food kits to truck drivers delivering produce from Spain to Germany and Austria in support of their efforts to keep the supply chain functioning amid the coronavirus crisis.

“At SanLucar, we know that truckers are facing new challenges these days, enduring long queues at border crossings or the absence of open bars and restaurants along the way,” the group’s founder and owner Stephan Rötzer said.

“And even so, they continue to strive, aware of how crucial the work they do is. They are our anonymous heroes.”

Rötzer added that it was “time for a closer collaboration between all of us, in a context where the entire value chain of the food sector is doing an outstanding job in supplying the market with such basic products as fruit and vegetables”.