SanLucar bananas

SanLucar has teamed up with ripening specialist vanWylick to launch a premium line of bananas ripened using innovative sustainable technology.

SanLucar’s bananas are grown in the coastal region of Los Ríos in Ecuador. To ensure that they reach the consumer in optimal premium quality every day, banana ripening is a fundamental process in the supply chain.

With new partner vanWylick, SanLucar said the bananas can be ripened in a controlled manner, which tests have shown leads to an improved taste and longer shelf-life.

Unlike traditional ripening systems, where the fruit is often ripened according to a predefined scheme, standardised parameters and a lot of manual work, modern systems allow you to monitor the process exactly and provide more careful ripening.

The technology uses intelligent software to adjust and control all-natural air and respiration gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and the fruit gas ethylene so that the fruit ripens optimally.

During the entire process, the fruit is placed in a gas-tight, closed chamber in which the respiratory activity and thus the physiological condition of the fruits are continuously measured.

The harmonious interaction of oxygen, heat, humidity, and ethylene – while maintaining the CO2 level – ensures that the bananas develop gently until they are ready for consumption.

SanLucar said the location of its farms also makes a valuable contribution to the special quality of its bananas.

“Hacienda Magdalena is located in a region that is particularly well suited for even growth and careful cultivation. The SanLucar bananas ripen particularly uniform for a period of 12-14 weeks in the central coastal region of Ecuador,” the company said in a press release.

“The temperature and rainfall conditions facilitate a quality-focused and sustainable cultivation. For that reason, fertilizers and pesticides are only used when absolutely necessary.

“As additional action to protect environment, native trees are planted along the riverbanks. All in linewith the SanLucar corporate philosophy: ‘Taste in harmony with people and nature’.”

As part of the company’s commitment in the region, SanLucar said its employees receive free meals (breakfast and lunch) and their children benefit from school scholarships, as well as the DREAMS school support program in the surrounding communities.

“With our green products from Ecuador and the new sustainable and careful ripening technique, SanLucar launches a new premium banana. The aim is to convince our customers with quality, appearance, taste, shelf life and a real premium banana during the 12 months of the year”, said Armin Rehberg, SanLucar CEO of operations.

In the store, SanLucar is accompanying the sale and presentation of the bananas with secondary placements, as well as promotional actions and materials.

The first SanLucar bananas with the new careful and sustainable ripening technology can be expected from the beginning of March.