Sekoya Seville A

Retailers and Sekoya licensees had a chance to experience and taste the premium blueberry platform’s two low/zero chill varieties, Sekoya Pop and Sekoya Beauty, at a Field & Forum event at Fall Creek Farm & Nursery’s research farm in Seville last week.

“With these premium varieties, we intend to conquer the most demanding consumers around the world,” said Holger Brandt, Sekoya's general manager.

“The objective of this global marketing platform is none other than to provide growers and retailers around the world with consistently high quality in terms of firmness, size, flavour and shelf life, 52 weeks a year.'

Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about other varieties from Fall Creek’s Open platform, such as Ventura or Blue Ribbon; or the Collection platform, with materials such as Azrablue, Atlasblue, Biancablue and Olympusblue.

The event included a blind tasting where participants were able to taste and try to identify each of the varieties tasted and a presentation on the future of blueberries.

To date, Sekoya has introduced four proprietary varieties: mid/high chill Sekoya Grande and Sekoya Crunch, and low/zero Chill Sekoya Pop and Sekoya Beauty.

“The latter two have in common an extended life and size combined with superior flavour characteristics,' said Estefanía Rodríguez, product and grower support at Sekoya.

“In fact, both Sekoya Pop and Sekoya Beauty have a very long post-harvest, between 45 and 60 days, and will remain crisp for more than 45 days. This means almost zero waste for retailers.'

Rodríguez described Sekoya Pop as the 'nearlyperfect blueberry' during her explanation to the attendees. “Those who were unable to attend this event will have another opportunity at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, held from April 5 to 7in the German capital,” she said.