The first containers shipped to Europe and airfreighted to the UK and the East have arrived


South African Sharon Fruit growers have started their 2022 harvest, with the promise of a good crop of excellent quality.

Sharon fruit South Africa

South African production makes an important contribution to extending the European season, and the fruit will be shipped through the port of Cape Town until the end of May.

Hein Smal, of Mor International in South Africa, said that local growers were happy with the crop and between 2,700 and 3,000 tonnes was expected to be delivered to the Arisa Packhouse at Buffeljagsrivier near Swellendam, where all Sharon Fruit is packed.

“At this early stage we are planning a comprehensive export shipping programme, with retail programmes in Europe, the UK, North America, the Middle East and the Far East,” he said. “We are also again planning a vibrant South African sales programme with activities on the major wholesale markets and with leading retailers.”

Mor International’s Meir ben Artzy said that after more than two decades Sharon Fruit was now well-established in South Africa.

“For us it is very important to increase our season and because we are using the best climatic regions in South Africa we have been able to deliver excellent quality to our customers,” he explained.

During the pandemic consumers have realised that Sharon Fruit has important health qualities which boost the immune system in people, he confirmed.

“In the South African market, we are seeing demand grow every year because Sharon Fruit is really the only exotic fruit available during our season when consumers are looking for something else than the larger commodity categories.”

The harvest season in South Africa’s Southern Cape will last about five weeks, and export packing will be completed in early in June.

“The beauty of our Sharon Fruit is that people are waiting for it every year,” Smal explained. “As we approach the season there is great anticipation from buyers across the country and we expect the same to happen this year.

”Our market days on the major wholesale markets are now well established and we have regular customers from across our borders in Southern Africa who see our season as a great opportunity to boost their business,” he added.