Colombian avos A

Colombian Hass avocados continue to make inroads in the American market. The Andean nation shipped almost 1,500 tonnes of avocados to the US ahead of this year’s Super Bowl, an increase of 56 per cent on last year’s total.

The figures helped lift January exports by 53 per cent overall to 13,983 tonnes, industry body CorpoHass said.

The association noted that January’s increase was also the result of higher the production volume obtained from the main harvest, partly due to improved growing knowhow.

Mexico, is by far the biggest supplier of avocados to the US, but Colombia has made steady inroads in the market in recent years. In 2020 it created the Colombia Avocado Board, which works with the Hass Avocado Board to develop consumption in the US by aligning growers, exporters and importers together under one cohesive marketing effort.