sun World Autumn Crisp

California-based grower, marketer and breeder Sun World International has added one Chilean and two Peruvian grape companies to its list of worldwide licensees.

The partnership with Sun World will allow Pronto Exports, Agrícola Interandina and Sun Fruits to expand their table grape offering with Sun World varieties, giving them access to domestic and international markets.

Pronto Exports, based in Chile’s Aconcagua Valley, is a packer and exporter of table grapes, kiwifruit, walnuts and avocados. The company, founded in 1930, is owned by the Gioia family and boasts over 1,000ha, of which 600ha is dedicated to table grape exports.

Sun Fruits is located in what is regarded as one of the richest and most ancient cultivated valleys in the world, the valley of Ica, 300km south of Peruvian capital Lima. As a grower, processor and exporter, Sun Fruits cultivates almost 1,000ha of grapes, avocados, citrus and blueberries.

Agricola Interandina is a Peruvian grower and exporter located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, around 200km northeast of Lima, providing ideal weather conditions for the production of high-quality fruits. The company was founded by three fruit growers and currently exports mandarins, blueberries, grapes and avocados to clients across five continents.

“We are pleased to appoint these fine companies, to help bolster our presence in the global fruit trade,” said Garth Swinburn, vice president of licensing at Sun World. “We’re confident that providing further access to our seedless grape varieties will allow producers to maximise their revenues while increasing the seedless grape volume in Chile and Peru, and the visibility of our varietal brands.”

The three new licensees join more than 70 other licensed marketers around the world selling Sun World fruit varieties. Key Sun World varieties are marketed under various brands including Autumn Crisp, Midnight Beauty and Sable Seedless.