Turkey flag

The Turkish government has reacted to Russia’s decision to ban imports of many Turkish products by highlighting in Turkey’s Official Gazette an article of law to protect and support its own exporters, according to Moroco’s AgriMaroc.

The law apparently took effect on 1 January, aimed at boosting the competitiveness and export potential of Turkish agricultural products by offering subsidies to exporters.

According to the law, the subsidy per tonne is TL160 for vegetables (€48.55), TL720 for dried fruit (€218.50), TL165 for fruit (€50), whether fresh, canned or frozen, and TL320 (€97.12) for fruit juice.

The subsidy is expected to help Turkish exporters find new outlets to replace its former principal market, with Israel reportedly high on the priority list.

Key Turkish fruits including lemons, cherries, figs and grapefruit were omitted from Russia’s list of banned items. Nevertheless, Turkish agriculture minister, Faruk Celik, stated late last year that the sanctions would cost Turkey an annual US$764m in food exports.