Deal will expand Kopke’s commodity basket to include limes and mangoes

US fruit importer, exporter and distributor William H Kopke Jr has announced that Vision Global Group (formerly known as Vision Import Group) has been added to the Kopke family of companies and is now in full operation.

Mexican mangoes

Mangoes are one of Vision’s core products

Vision Global Group is an industry leader in the lime, lemon and mango import-export business, and is headquartered in New Jersey, and complemented by teams in Arizona, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Kopke and Vision are both multi-generational, family-owned-and-operated businesses, bringing over a century of produce knowledge and experience to customers and suppliers.

They said the deal brings an expanded, consistent and reliable supply of products, further supported by each company’s world-class customer service reputations.

Vision Global Group is owned and managed by Raul Millan and Ronnie Cohen.

“We will continue to invest in the citrus business, and this complimentary alignment creates marketing and logistical synergies, which brings value to our industry partners,” said William Kopke of William H Kopke Jr.

As a leading US importer of clementines, Navels, and lemons, adding a 12-month imported Mexican and Colombian lime position fills a strategic role for Kopke.

Vision’s year-round mango business from Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico also complement Kopke’s strategy of supplying new products that integrate with its current commodity basket.

“Kopke is a leader and innovator in fruit imports. Vision Global Group will have access to Kopke’s network which provides suppliers with greater sales and distribution opportunities,” Ronnie Cohen and Raul Millan said in a joint statement.

“As lime, mango and lemon specialists, we will have a significant footprint in all areas of operations, domestic, export and imports. We look forward to the growth Vision Global Group can achieve with the Kopke family.”