GT USA Wilmington has partnered with KoneCranes to take delivery of five new Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes at the Port of Wilmington in Delaware, which will 'significantly strengthen' the terminal’s operational efficiency and increase overall productivity.

As part of an initial investment of US$100m, the Kone RTG cranes are all electric, making them eco-friendly to benefit the environment.

Spanning seven containers wide and five high, these cranes are designed to transform the yard space from a previously wheeled operation into an efficient stacking system to benefit gate and vessel operations.

Eric Casey, chief executive of GT USA Wilmington, said: “The addition of these advanced crane systems at the Port of Wilmington underlines our commitment to further strengthen our operations at the terminal.

'Since taking over operations at the port it has been our key goal to significantly improve performance for the benefit of our partners and customers,' he explained. 'We continuously review our operational procedures to enhance the investment we are making in our facility and to strengthen the efficiency of operations and maximise productivity. The new RTG cranes will provide greater flexibility in their operations. This will help speed up the terminal operations and create even better value for our customers.”