MCI StarCool reefer containers ZIM

Zim Integrated Shipping Services has increased its reefer fleet with an additional 500 Star Cool reefers, upgraded with Controlled Atmosphere (CA), supporting its growth in new markets for perishable cargo.

This marks the fourth consecutive order from Zim for Maersk Container Industry (MCI), a move that 'showcases the ongoing collaboration and partnership between the two companies'.

“We are very pleased to diversify our ZIMonitor reefer fleet with MCI’s Controlled Atmosphere technology,' said Michal Marcus, ZIMonitor product manager. 'These advanced units are specifically suited for sensitive products, such as blueberries and avocado, and will enable more customers to enjoy the advantages of Zim’s exclusive ZIMonitor service, a first-class solution for high value, sensitive cargo.”

According to Zim, MCI’s Controlled Atmosphere Star Cool system 'ticks all the boxes' that the group is looking for in reefer container transportation; reliability, proven technology, and well-known among users in the field, all of which support ZIM’s growth strategy for perishable cargo.

'With an 85 per cent market share of reefer CA systems and a solid track record of tens of thousands of delicate CA shipments successfully transported every year around the globe, MCI’s CA technology has over ten years proven its performance and reliability in the market,' MCI added.