Aldi UK and Ireland store

Aldi has started selling loose fresh produce by weight, as part of a trial at 77 stores in the north east of England.

In total, 13 loose fruit and vegetable lines will be sold by kilo, with the top eight products in the list below being sold loose for the first time at UK Aldi stores:

1. Brussel Sprouts

2. Carrots

3. Ginger

4. Leeks

5. Mushrooms

6. Parsnips

7. Small New Potatoes

8. Brown Onions

9. Butternut Squash

10. Bananas

11. Baking Potatoes

12. Sweet Potatoes

13. Bramley Apples

The discounter said it hasbenchmarked pricing to ensure the loose lines are sold at “the lowest everyday prices per kilo in the market”.

The move follows a host of other measures to reduce plastic use in the fresh produce aisle at the UK’s biggest supermarket chains. Most recently, Asdaannounced it was removing plastic bags for loose fruit and veg bags from nine of its stores as part of anew trial.