Lisa Cork 1

Fresh produce companies contemplating a brand creation or refresh should consider where they want to be in five or ten years, rather than the here and now, says branding expert Lisa Cork.

Kicking off the Retail Marketing session at this year’s FPJLive, the founder of New Zealand-based Fresh Produce Marketing consultancy said Covid-19 has created new opportunities for companies to seize on the dual trends of health and wellness and online retail.

“I’ve been marketing produce for 30 years and I don’t think we’ve ever had a climate where consumers have had such a sense of the importance of fruit and vegetables,” she said.

“People want to get a deep understanding of the attributes of fruit and vegetables and I’m seeing almost no brand activity in that space.”

Cork said companies have a lot to learn from China when it comes to online markets, noting that while a typical UK online retailer might provide a standard photo and brief product description, “Chinese consumers can access a wealth of information about a product’s providence, variety and natural attributes.

“You need to be building out your brand story, because online interest is growing and you have to be ready to speak to consumers. People want to know what your product stands for, Cork said.


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