Supermarket says increased awareness of versatility of the vegetable in dishes is driving sales growth

Sales of Brussels sprouts are going through the roof at Waitrose, the supermarket has reported.

Brussels sprouts are selling well at Waitrose

Brussels sprouts are selling well at Waitrose

The little green vegetable has seen sales growth of 150 per cent versus the same time last year, Waitrose said. 

Searches for ‘Brussels sprouts’ on are also up 87 per cent month on month, it added, while recipe searches for ‘shredded sprouts’ are up 607 per cent month on month and 65 per cent compared to the same time last year.

The supermarket has predicted that Brussels sprouts are set for a huge year, with its popularity extending beyond Christmas. 

It said that consumers are switching on to the fact that cooking them no longer menas just dropping them into a pan of boiling water and hoping for the best. Instead, cooks today are being inspired by restaurant menus and the many recipes illustrating the variety of ways you can cook and serve sprouts.

Top restaurants around the country are also offering creative new ways to serve up the humble sprout.

Sam Witherington, vegetable buyer at Waitrose said: “The Brussels sprout was once consigned to Christmas lunch, over cooked and under loved. But in recent years, as the sprout has made its way onto restaurant menus, home cooks are now getting creative too.

”If these current sales of Brussels sprouts are anything to go by it’s going to be a bumper year for Brussels”.