EMR's Fruit of the Tree

The EMR 'Fruit of the Tree' display

East Malling Research was awarded a Silver Gilt Flora medal for its 'Fruit of the Tree' exhibit by the Royal Horticulture Society at this week's Chelsea Flower Show.

The exhibit, which promoted the importance of scientific study in helping to secure a more sustainable global food chain, showcased a fully-grown, excavated apple tree, with its root system on full display to visitors. The display also highlighted the origins of the wide apple (Malus) species in Central Asia as well as the nutrient use of fruit trees.

Will Sibley, chairman of EMR, believes that the award-winning exhibit was the perfect way to celebrate the influential science of the Kent-based research firm, with East Malling currently celebrating its centenary year.

“The scientific work undertaken over the last century at EMR, and in particular its work onrootstocks, has transformed the productivity of the world’s fruit industry.

“Given that EMR and Chelsea were both celebrating their centenaries it was only right that we should highlight the vital role that science plays in the health of our food chain to such an esteemed audience.'

Meanwhile, during the show, EMR CEO Professor Peter Gregory announced the award of a major apple root tree research grant from the government’s Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

“There is a great deal of important science needed, such as the work that will be funded by BBSRC, if we are to address the country’s future food security,' added Gregory.